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REG#: 2898381
DOB: 02-15-2014

Fullblood Fleckvieh


Salerika Majoor 4DE

Bar 5 SA Piona 04 817N

Toverberg Erika


Bar 5 P SA Expert 826M

MVF P SA Exzanna 449X

Bar 5 SA Melissa 449P



When a dream reaches reality. Maxey Valley Farms began a pursuit of South African origin Fleckvieh genetics with a vision of ultimately producing a superior breeding animal. MVF P SA Peoria B49P is the result. He is smooth Polled. He is a non-diluter. He is sired by none other than the Bar 5 SA Piona 04 817N. And notable cow family base of Eldandi Minka, and line bred to the queen herself Toverberg Erika to lock in the consistency of predictable breeding elite stock. This stud is flawless in his bone structure, fluid movement, testicle development and eye appeal. He is an outcross to most 100% Fleckvieh Polled and horned genetics and ideally suited for a multitude of environments and breeding schemes.


Cost/Unit: $50.00