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AETA (American Embryo Transfer Association)

“MultiGen is certified by the American Embryo Transfer Association.  Embryos produced or transferred by MultiGen meet or exceed any sales guarantee requirements.  MultiGen made embryos are also eligible to be exported to any country other than China.”

IETS (International Embryo Technology Society)

NAAB (National Association of Animal Breeders)

CSS (Certified Semen Services)

“CSS semen is available upon request.  MultiGen is capable to meet all of your domestic semen marketing needs and most of your international.  Please contact MultiGen with specific international export requirements and countries available.”

KNS (Kentucky Nutrition Services)

“MultiGen proudly feeds KNS mineral products to all animals housed at their facilities.  “KNS products and service are second to none in the industry.  We use their pre-mixes in our feed, loose mineral in our feeders, lick tubs in our pastures, and top dress to our bulls and donors.  The price is competitive and the service is exceptional, a combination hard to find in today’s market.  Their mineral is formulated for the southeast, where we live, not nationwide.  They will evaluate your program and needs and formulate a feeding/mineral solution that fits” comments Dr. Carnes.”

McRay Feeds

“MultiGen proudly feeds McRay Feeds.  Dr. Carnes explains “McRay has been very accommodating to the special needs of our practice.  They have formulated and mixed specific feeds to meet the demands we place on cattle under our management to aid in their reproductive success.  Each load of feed is consistent with the next, ordering is personable, and service is quick.  McRay is capable of providing any special needs you might have.”"