MultiGen's facilities were built with one thing in mind, cattle. They were designed to allow safe and comfortable movement and handling. They have multiple areas to allow for the special needs of different animals. Wide alleys with sliders to allow the administration of donor shots without the need to catch them in a head gate, runs to allow the separation of animals showing signs of estrous to avoid riding injuries, reinforced bull lots to house them securely, collection arena with sand floor to allow safe footing for semen collection, tilt chute to care for hoof problems safely, fans in every barn to keep your animal cool and comfortable, etc. We invite you to tour our facility at any time.

To facilitate the success of embryo transfer, AI, and IVF the chute area is climate controlled.  The chute room is maintained at an appropriate temperature to keep the valuable and delicate reproductive samples viable.

MultiGen also offers housing and treatment of horned stock. With our longhorn chute horned stock can be safely treated whether it’s flushing a donor, Artificially Inseminating your heifers, or simply vaccinating your weaned calves.

Are you planning a new working facility or updating an old one? Let us help.

We can help layout your working facility, make suggestions on equipment, or help design a custom built system to avoid headaches later.